Modern workshops, highly qualified employees Japanese technologies, the best European materials and componenents, quality control at each production stage allow to manufacture the models conforming to strict international requirements.

Shipyard Description

Our Modern Shipyard is located in 30 km from Kazan on the M7 federal highway. The territory of the plant totals 25000 sq.m.,  area of the building - 3600 sq.m.

Design and Structural Elements

Use of modern 3D methods for vessel design allows the Shipyard to promptly bring new products to the market.

Spray Section

  • preparation of molds (waxing)
  • spraying (application of gel coat)

At this stage a separating layer is applied on molds to freely remove structures from the mold, after that a gel coat is applied. 

Lamination Section

  • molding of products from fibreglass

Layers of fiberglass treated by resin are laid in certain sequence over the gel coat.

Cutting Section

  • removal of flash and profile cutting

Fiberglass flash is removed, molded parts are properly cut and required openings are made.

Pre-assembly Section

  • installation of fuel lines, plumbing and wiring

Parts and lines access to which is impeded after joining hull and deck are installed.

Gluing Section

  • hull and Deck Joining

In this section, hull and deck are glued together to become a boat.

Pre-assembly Section

All parts are mounted to the boat, all connections are made, systems are inspected.

Pre-sale Preparation Section

Polishing and providing  marketable state.