• Cuddy cabin 20 Image

    Cuddy cabin 20 Image

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€ 26 800

Velvette Image 20 is the most produced motorboat of Velvette Marine, the number is approaching the anniversary mark of 500 hulls. The stylish elongated hull and lines of the boat make it noticable and easily recognizable, the boat has a number of similarities with the larger models of Velvette.
Maneuvering abilities and hull design of Velvette 20 is perfect for sharp turns and fast acceleration. In 2017, Velvette 20 Image got a new hull which increased the ease of handling when reversing, as well as reduced time of transition onto plane. The new hull design eliminates the slip of the stern during sharp turns, at high speeds and during full 180-degree turns.
The boat is available in two versions:
• Velvette 20 Image (fiberglass hull)
• Velvette 20 Image Aluminium (fiberglass deck, aluminum hull).